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HOME»  US, UK, JP knitting needle & yarn size metric cross reference free chart (PDF)

US, UK, JP knitting needle & yarn size metric cross reference free chart (PDF)

Title:US, UK, JP knitting needle & yarn size metric cross reference free chart (PDF)
Design:Susanna from Susanna’s Hobbies®
Date of made:2022/04/26
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Sales format:Downloadable file
File format:PDF

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  • US, UK, JP knitting needle & yarn size metric cross reference free chart (PDF)

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  • In Japan, knitting needles are only written in numbers, not in millimeters, so when I look at Japanese knitting books or patterns, I have no idea how many millimeters I need to knit with.

    On the other hand, there may be people who are accustomed to using No. notation, or who are using Japanese needles, but when they see an overseas pattern, they have trouble figuring out what size to use.

    Furthermore, if you know about the size and millimeters, but don't know the thickness of yarn recommended in Japanese patterns, you may be in trouble because you don't know what size yarn to buy in overseas.

    And now that wonderful yarns from all over the world can be freely purchased online, there is a new problem of not knowing what size yarn to buy when you want to knit a knitting pattern in your own country with yarns from overseas.

    So, we have created a list of major sizes and yarn sizes in the U.S., U.K., and Japan. I'm almost dancing with joy at the thought that I won't have to worry my head about this anymore. Yay!

    Of course, I hesitate to use these data only for myself , so we offer a free downloadable version to all our members.

    In the compatibility chart, not only are the Japanese, US, and UK sizes listed along with their millimeter notations, but we have also included the appropriate yarn size for each size, following the US, UK, NZ (or Australia), and Japanese notation methods.
    However, due to space and demand, I have decided to use the Japanese notation for Japanese and the US, UK, and New Zealand notation for English for the yarn compatibility chart.
    Despite the difference in language, the number and millimeter notations are numbers and alphabetical characters, so you can check the yarn weight names compatible with the Japanese version in the same location in the Yarn column.

    I would like to print out both types so that I can check them at hand at all times.

    Furthermore, if you laminate both sides, you can use them as bookmarks or underlays for notebooks, and they are also safe when wet.