・Susanna's Hobbies®の作品および出版物全般:著作権の対象となりますので,利用許諾をこれまでどおり申請してください。

・Susanna's Hobbies®の表現形式(説明方法):動画や出版物で,出所の明示として,Susanna's Hobbies®を引用元として記載等してください。

・Susanna's Hobbies®の発表した編み目,編み方のみ:利用許諾の対象としません。ただし、編み目、編み方を動画や出版物でSusanna's Hobbies®の表現を用いて説明する場合は、Susanna's Hobbies®を引用元として記載等してください。

・Susanna's Hobbies®が契約上利用許諾対象と明示した,又は,特許権等を有する編み目,編み方:利用許諾を申請してください。

Please read this before purchasing downloadable products
Our publications and works, including patterns, are provided for private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without permission.
Reproduction, reprinting, distribution, or copying in whole or in part of any publication, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise, is prohibited.
In addition, because of the nature of the downloadable patterns, the law of non-exhaustion does not apply, and therefore downloading by anyone other than the user is prohibited.
Transfer for any reason is prohibited.
Any activity that is deemed to exceed the scope of private use, whether free or paid, with or without advertising revenue, is considered commercial use. Application for a usage license is required.
Please understand that these Terms of Use are subject to change without notice and that the latest version of the Terms of Use will always apply.
The terms of use for commercial use are broadly divided into these categories. If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact us individually.
For more information, please refer to the URL links in the reference section.

・Susanna's Hobbies® works and publications in general: Please apply for a license as before, as they are subject to copyright.

・Please include Susanna's Hobbies® in your videos and publications as an indication of the source, e.g., by citing Susanna's Hobbies® as the source.

・Only those parts of the crochet and knitting patterns and methods published by Susanna's Hobbies®: Not subject to the license agreement. However, if you copy Susanna's Hobbies® instructions for crochet or knitting from Susanna's Hobbies® in a video or publication, you must cite Susanna's Hobbies® as the source.

・If Susanna's Hobbies® has expressly licensed or patented a crochet or knitting technique, please apply for a license to use it.
See details: https://susannashobbies.blogspot.com/2020/03/susannas-hobbies.html

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